TRONtopia — Dapp Fairness.

The 1st TRON DAPP to implement true fairness.


We obtain the best attributes of the TRON network

Speed is one of our goals of scalability and fundamental property in the development of new Dapp’s based on TRON.

The price of commissions is reduced effectively.

TRONtopia Platform

TRONtopia’s approach to online gaming is about simplicity, speed, and most of all displaying the core values of the blockchain: Decentralization, and transparent transactions. The focus always rests with our community. Our community’s enjoyment and feedback about the project’s direction are what we value most.

TRONtopia and its own game structure.



  • Users play with TRX through our smart contract, and receive TRX directly
  • TRONtopia is not part of the transaction. TOPIA token is not required to play. TOPIA tokens are stored in existing TRON wallets once earned. The amount of TOPIA earned will be based on gradually changing amounts of TRX played. TRONtopia will provide an instructional guide for new users on how to acquire TRX.
  • Shortly after our launch, we will implement the ability to play our games with TOPIA tokens, all tokens lost in play will result in that TOPIA being burned, all tokens won in play will be minted by the smart contract and be considered mined. This not only will increase the speed at which TOPIA is mined, but it will create much needed sustainability in token value.

TOPIA TOKEN - How It Works

  • The TOPIA token is a token developed on the TRON network that uses decentralization and profit redistribution as the blockchain nature intended.
  • The only function of the TOPIA token is to redistribute profits of the platform. 100% of all TRX earned from games are redistributed to all TOPIA token holders proportionately
  • A Limited 100,000,000 TOPIA tokens will be minted, and this will never be increased.
  • Daily dividend share percentage will be provided in real time to each user based on their wallet address in combination with the percentage of TOPIA frozen globally across the network.

TOPIA TOKEN - Additional

Stay tuned to Twitter and Telegram Channel, we have an active community with many GIVEAWAYS!



Enjoy the speed and experience offered by TRONtopia.








Construyendo comunidades. Apasionado del ecosistema Crypto.

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Construyendo comunidades. Apasionado del ecosistema Crypto.